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Very good game mhm it is very good.
Five stars!
John Lisenby Software
John Lisenby Software
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Miltary Ranks: Army that will help you learn and test you on the ranks within the Army. There're three game modes standard, timed, and suddent death.  

You will have to select the correct insignia our the list of choices.

  • Standard mode, you can learn or test your knowledge on the ranks.
  • Timed mode- feel the pressure of time to select the correct answer. No fear if you get the answer wrong, the correct answer will still be shown.
  • Sudden Death mode: You now must get correct answer will move to the next question, but if you get the answer wrong or incorrect Game Ove!!

More breanches will be coming soon!

Developed with Unity 3D in C#
John Lisenby Software
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