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Very good game mhm it is very good.
Five stars!
John Lisenby Software
John Lisenby Software
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Develpment Log:

  • Added new video of pre-alpha footage ingame of the story telling. Promo video testing.
  • I created an intro video telling parts of the story.
  • Working on website.

Currently, I am getting all the assets togeather for the project, and trying to get Chris (Barnnaby) Jones motavited to work on this project.
About the game:

Game Play:
Top-down Tower Defense game with some First Person (FP) elements.

Game Setting:
The game take place in 19th century in the town of Dusty a fictional town in the wild wild west. You get to play as the the local hero Marty Longmire.

The antagonist Rufus Maycock and his clan.
Clint Featherstone mentor to Young Marty.

The Story of Mary:
Coming soon
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