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John Lisenby Software
John Lisenby Software
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Other non-Personal projects - John has worked on.

Balbar the Dwarven Miner

--John was the lead developer on Dwarven Miner project with Fractured Brain Studios.

Details about the game:

Join our hero, Balbar, as he digs his way through adventure to find his missing father, Drabslate.
Fight monsters, collect gems, mine for gold and silver, and dig through dozens of different levels to find the truth. With six core levels and multiple sub-levels, there is plenty to explore and enjoy! Did we mention Boss Fights? Oh yeah, we got 'em!
Best of all, the ONLY DLC are Quarters to continue! Have fun with old school gaming... today. Coming soon to Mobile (Android) and PC platforms).



While working at TJAG as a government contractor at Tapestry Solutions, John was the site lead and lead game developer. John worked on classified and non-classified projects. Some projects were released, and others weren't released. When he left the projects were in conception / development lifecycle stages.

  • Objections Exercise - Simulation exercise to help train and test trial lawyers knowledge on how to object opposing trial council question a witness on the stand. Project was in finishing stages when I left. -- I was the designer and lead developer for this project.
  • VR Courtroom (Muiltiplayer) Exercise - Roleplaying exercise for long distance learning and non-residency students. Each student would play a role within the courtroom by presenting their case. The roles included: courtroom reporter, defense attorney, defendant, judge, prosecutor, and witness. The instructor played the role of the judge to grade the students roleplaying. It featured respected avatars for roles and network voice over network. This project was in proof of concept when I left, but all the above was working. -- I was the designer and lead programmer on this project, and it was developed in Unity 3D.
  • Courtroom Reporter Exercise - Simulation of a courtroom trial that the student plays the role of the courtroom reporter. The project just exited the proof of concept stage just before I left. It was a working prototype. -- I was the designer and lead programmer on this project. It was developed with Unity 3D.
  • SVC Game for kids - Kids game to introduce young childred to the SVC (special victims counsel) and explaining the roles within the courtroom. This game was near completion when I started workin on it. I was launched on March 20,2017. This game was developed in Phasors' game engine. -- I re-developed the 2d characters and rebuilt the game, My junior developer help rewrite the javascript code base.
  • I-Law Exercise - Re-worked international law exercise. Small demo was produced to show SME's and a game design doucument was developed. -- I worked on developing GDD and worked with my junior on developing a workable demo.
  • ETDL Christmas Door Decoration in AR - Holiday door decoration for TJAGLCS contest built in Unity using AR (Augmented Reality). It displayed the 12 days of Christmas. - I took over the project after my co-developer left the company. I fininshed and published it as an Android APK for members of the TJAGLCS staff and students to download.
  • Comptrollers Blackboard Introduction - Used to get students familiar with the course layout and introduce them to the course objectives. -I took over the project after my co-developer left.

The above titles where / are hosted on JAGU Blackboard Site both for testing and for student course work. I dont have any artwork or code from the above projects. I turned over all files when I left.
John Lisenby Software
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